acsi - boy meets girl (Lyrics / Lyric Video)

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Lyrics ~
[Verse 1: acsi]
Boy meets Girl
Boy really likes her
Boy's fallin' in love
Nothin' could come between em'
But Girl kinda likes him
So every time she see him
She leave him heartbroken
Cuz Boy's softspoken
Girl manipulates him with make up to break ups
Cuz Boy ain't got his cake up
And can't take her shoppin'
Boy's self-conscious
So every little bit he get
He emptying his pockets
To spend it on She
But She don't see a future with him
Girl kinda stuck-up
But through all of the fits shit
Boy still loves her
Boy still committed
Girl ain't with it
So she don't visit that much
And he ain't got a whip
They don't get to kick it
So Boy misses Girl
But Girl stays distant
Phone calls shorter than the midget
Now he gets it
Can't let go
Cuz every time she tries to end it
Boy tries to fix it cuz
Boy wants this figured out
Girl's trying to kick him out
But Boy's tryin' to figure out
Just how to make it work cuz
Boy never had love
But she don't really have love
So they don't really have love
Pretendin' like it hurts her to leave him
So Girl's cryin' while listin' the reasons
Believin' all that shit she's shovelin'
Love is dyin' hun
And I ain't tryna fight to get you wind up with a sheet of tissue
I'm done darlin'
Cuz all this baller won't convince you but
I think about it sometimes

I guess a lot of people will come here cause of XO Trayvon Vert lol