Celebrity Star Fashion Diary™ Fun Care Makeover - Magic Makeup Kids Games for Girls

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You’ve got an invite to the biggest fashion award show being held tonight! You’ve been nominated for the best fashion star of the year! You’re almost too excited to get ready!

As a star girl, you’ve got to have a big talent to be nominated to win an award. It’s going to be an amazing night as you walk down the red carpet for the first, but not last time. Settle your nerves and look amazing with some time at your favorite salon. A spa treatment or two along with a makeover is just what you need to get ready for your moment in the spotlight.

How to Play:
• The fashion awards are your big moment to shine!
• You get to walk the red carpet like a star, girl!
• Every big fashion celebrity will look their best, and you need to do the same
• Take some time at the salon to get ready
• Spa treatments will make your skin look flawless
• Give yourself a makeup makeover to match your outfit
• Dress up in a high fashion outfit that will turn heads
• Are you ready to be a big winner?