Bhoomi Short Film | Directed by Naga Shaurya | Mothers Day | Ira Creations | Infinitum

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Women are the chief architects of society. They take different forms and make us proud. They are our mothers and we can't thank them enough in our life time.

Strong women, strong mothers define the strength of our nation.
Saluting all mothers on this #MothersDay.

#Bhoomi is our tribute to all the women.

Cast and Crew

Directed by : Naga Shaurya
Written by : Ramana Teja
DOP : Hari
Editors : Praful Jha
Sai Baba, Vinay Shanmukh

Music : Anant Srikar
Actors : Bharath Bandaru

Produced By : Ira Creations
Co Produced By :