Pride and Pack - Pack Of Wolves | Short Film

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Part one of the two-part drama, Pride and Pack - 'Pack Of Wolves' follows Ryan and his group of friends, as he looks for reassurance after getting the news that he is about to be a father. With constant doubts and fears of not being man enough to father a child, he looks outward to his friends and family for guidance.

“I think it’s one of the most important stories we can tell our young black kings; it’s ok to be sensitive, it’s ok to hug your boys, it’s ok not to be ok every day. Your hardened shell does not define how much of a man you are. You are more than a stereotype and a statistic, you can be whatever you want to be" - R.M. Moses

Director: s - @RMMosesUK
Producer: Monet Morgan - @MonetMorgs


Arnold Jorge - @ArnoldJorge
Jaz Hutchins - @JazHutchins1
Leo Watson-Roberts - @LeoLJWatson
Joseph Kenny - @HuKilledKenny
Benny Sarpong - @Bennysarpong
Landry Adelard

And cast of The Pride of Lions

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