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There’s a cute new guy at school & rumor has it he has a crush on you! Flirt with him in the cafeteria & make him blush! What, did he just ask you to prom?! Are you in love? Glam up at the spa, add a touch of makeup, dress up and BAM - you look HOT! Dance the night away & have a ball - you only go to high school once, after all!

Dress up for the first day of school! Choose from tons of stylish clothing at the mall!
Flirt with really cute boys in the cafeteria! Does your crush like you back?!
Choreograph dances at Prom! Choose from tons of real-life dance moves!
Collect hearts & earn popularity points! Become the most popular girl in school!
Makeover time - choose from tons of makeup items, style your hair & more!
Pamper yourself at the spa - get a cleaning facial so you feel fresh!
Get your nails done at the Nail Salon - file, paint & design nail art!
Strike a pose! Dress up for your glam shot, and strike a pose before prom!
Be the star of the school newspaper! Everyone is talking about YOU!